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Leverage your sales-team performance with my intimate knowledge of business from the owner/decision-maker’s perspective and extraordinarily wide social and global ranges.

You can use someone who knows why/how business owners buy...

...who can engage with the decision-makers at all levels of a prospect company,

...and who can engage internationally with the widest variety of people.

As a Sales Professional, I bring to the table:

* a profound knowledge of human character;

* equal abilities to build or enhance a team & to lead or follow;

* a facility for Marketing driven home by persuasive selling;

* compelling “relationship management” skills; and

* an ability to grow revenues through strategically planned, tactically executed campaigns.

Career Achievements:

* Trusted coach for a large number of a great variety of businesses.

* Established $15m Assistance Program in war-torn Iraq.

* Cashed in on construction boom in United Arab Emirates.

* Funded start-up by simultaneously developing and selling $8m of new building material.

* Doubled size of new NGO by building $10m aid programs in 3 war-torn countries.

* Helped secure $300 million international sale.